About They film features

They Film Features is a production services company in The Netherlands, led by Ariel Castillo and co-founded by Willem de Beukelaer.

With more than 20 years of on set experience as camera and stunt crew combined with over 10 years of hands-on producing.


We're able to offer you fast and cost effective solutions for any type of project, no matter the shape or size that you're looking to bring to The Netherlands.


Ariel Castillo

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Willem de Beukelaer

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Monne Tuinhout

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Productions Services in The Netherlands

We invite you to get in touch for a personal introduction to our services or to address any inquiries you may have. 


We're here to help you create your visual content in The Netherlands and Europe. Focussed on approaching your needs with a fast, cost effective, transparent and pro-active can-do attitude.


We challenge ourselves to anticipate and deal with every possible 'bump on the road' before you even notice it, for a smooth as possible ride and a successful result.

Your 360˚ Production Services Solution in

The Netherlands

Full range productions

Supported by a solid network of top notch industry professionals and the full range of equipment, castings, locations and post production facilities.


Therefor we can truly serve as your one stop shop, hosted by a team that is fluent in ENGLISH and SPANISH.

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Get in touch for any inquiries and a 'no strings attached' first round assessment  by calling, texting or sending us a mail.